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Prospective Students

1.  Registration Procedure 1. Collect an enrollment process form

a.    Go to the office of the department in which you will be studying  

b.    Register and process your enrollment  

c.    Collect the enrollment process form and a pack of the information materials for new student  

d.    Hand in the student background form, plus a photocopy of your passport

2.  Return the enrollment process form to enrollment office

a.    Go to the Enrollment office in Administration Building   

b.    Return the enrollment process form to Enrollment Office after the enrollment process has been completed  

c.    Submit 3 photos with your name, and the name of your department on the back of it that will be used to make your student ID card  

d.    A photocopy of certificate of your formal education which have verified by Embassy of the Republic of China to your country  

e.    A photocopy of transcript of semesters which have been verified by the Embassy of the Republic of China to your country  

f.     An English authorization letter that authorizes the university to examine your formal schooling records and transcripts  

g.    Two photocopies of each of the following two documents: two-side passport and Alien Resident Certificate