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In Fooyin, my future is not a dream!

From “the cradle of cultivating nightingales” to “health university,” Fooyin has clear targets from the beginning. The atmosphere is humble for weaving the dreams. The core value of “human health” fulfills the whole human education, which expects us to cultivate health technology talents with professional knowledge and human conservations.


For more than half a century, we have cultivated more than 50,000 professional medical staff with excellent and outstanding performances. Our school is consisted of  graduate institutes, undergraduate departments, and five-year colleges. We are the first technology university in southern Taiwan with five-year colleges. Currently, we have School of Nursing, School of Medical and Health Sciences, School of Environment and Life Sciences, College of Humanities and Management, and a hospital and Kaohsiung Kindergarten. We have good and complete learning plans and hardware facilities, providing the students with a professional, practical, and R&D environment. The young generation can connect themselves with the job markets in the future and create a bright and prosper career future.


Professional teachers

Fooyin University is famous for its nursing, medical and health sciences, environment and life sciences, and humanities and management. The school recruits the best qualified teachers in each field to carry out the teaching jobs. We not only value the abundant teaching experiences but also the practical and clinical experiences of the teachers. We would like our students to understand the actual operations of the industry and the market.


Practical skills

Emphasizing on “reaching for power, action for dreams,” Fooyin University values practical practices so that all the students in Fooyin are required to have the strong and solid foundations.

Now, for all the departments, besides the courses, they all have intense practical training, combining theory and practice, which is the basic request of school training for the students.


All kinds of courses with skills

Fooyin is filled with teachers with various kinds of talents. We offer all kinds of seminar and practical courses such as summer courses, and a variety of courses for citizen schools. The school is like a treasure mountain providing all sorts of choices. If you want to learn, you won’t go back home with empty hands

The courses vary from physical related classes to mental ones, from foods and beverages to cosmetics. All kinds of practices integrate human health and happiness, with diverse consultation to strengthen the skills:

All kinds of coursed related to health care, cookery, bakery, natural diet, emotion management, yoga, manners, massages, age preventing, health food and additives prevention, increase immune system, basic life saving skill, emergency trauma training, make-up and cosmetics, hair beauty, nail arts, cosmetic certificate courses, food and beverage certificate courses, language ability tests with practical and employment values are provided to fulfill the learning needs of the public.


Abundant industrial and academic backgrounds

Fooyin University has abundant industrial and academic resources, providing students with the opportunities of cross-field learning. In terms of the affiliated institution of the school, we have our Kaohsiung Kindergarten by Mother Lake with a complete outdoor playground, classrooms, a physical playground, rhythm classes, creative hallway, parents’ interaction stations, and tiny farms. This is the best institution for teachers and students of Department of Children Care to practice in.

In 1971, Fooyin Hospital was established to share the same core value with the school- “human health,” promoting medical researches and community health. It is the “community hospital with services and care.” With numerous expansions, the hospital has the capacity of more than 500 beds and more than 20 specialties and various treatment centers and special clinics. This is the only technology university hospital in Pingtung. We have many teaching trainings, aiming at cultivating medical professionals with enthusiasm and human care. The Fooyin affiliated hospital is the best resources for the teachers and students of Department of Nursing and School of Medical and Health Sciences to practice in.


Connect with the trend of the time, the troops of the health guardians

The school is in close connection with all industries, including Southern Science Park, Metal Industrial Research and Development Center, National Science Council, private foundations, juridical persons, central and local governments, foreign and domestic high tech companies, international invention exhibitions, talent matching workshops, seminars, subsidies plans, international journalism, R&D information platforms, and LOHAS university for elders. We closely interact with industry, authority, and academic institutions.

Now School of Nursing and School of Medical and Health Sciences make a positive connection with the communities, expand elder medical and care, and offer complete community health service. In the times of aging society, this is the practice of connecting practicum.